BookSprint Media Management Company

BookSprint offers a partnership with public and private organizations to manage and sell withdrawn/discarded books, unwanted gifts and other media through online sources like Amazon. We pay a substantial percentage of the sale price to our customers.

We are a Louisville based company established in 2005. We started a consignment company for private book collections but quickly expanded to offer our services to libraries and other organizations with an overflow of media but no resources to handle it. BookSprint offers not only to manage and sell your inventory online to worldwide customers but also to provide efficient and reliable service that generates substantial returns.

We provide custom-tailored solutions that will best match the inventory of each organization. We will schedule an appointment to meet with you and discuss the details. We provide flexible shipping and pick-up options that best fit your organization.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any organization or person with media to sell! For instance...

  • Libraries of schools, colleges, universities, and businesses
  • Individuals like professors, doctors and lawyers with private libraries
  • Groups and organizations like non-profits, schools, teams, and charities doing fundraising

Our Services

BookSprint provides the following services to our customers:

  • We pick up your books at our expense.
  • We process and store each item and when it sells we promptly ship it out.
  • We market your items aggressively through popular online venues such as Amazon.
  • We handle all the customer service associated with your online service.
  • We list your items for sale indefinitely.
  • We distribute proceeds from your sales on a quarterly basis.
  • We donate items not worth selling.


BookSprint donates unmarketable media to organization like Goodwill, United Way, and the American Red Cross.


Contact BookSprint

Please submit your questions or information about books you would like to sell.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact us?
Call us at (502) 324-3009.
Do we need a contract?
We do not require a binding contract to start a partnership unless your organization needs one. We provide a generic agreement document that describes our services, more for informational purposes and for review by your organization.
What kind of material do you accept?
We accept everything, though obviously some materials like old magazines, Life book series, outdated multi-value sets, Reader's Digest, etc. are not marketable. We will still assist you in picking up and processing all the material you provide. We do not charge our customers for shipping or pickup, but it will add to the cost of processing your material, which translates into smaller returns on sale of your inventory.
How do you pick up our books and how much does it cost?
After our initial consultation we can set up shipping or pickup arrangements that are most effective for your organization. Once you have set aside some books we can schedule a truck to stop by and pick it up.
What option do you propose for packing our books?
Customers have the option to pack their books by themselves using their own resources, to get loose boxes for pickup, or to build a pallet ready for pickup. However, if resources are not available to do so we can provide assistance in the form of workers and boxes or funds for work-study students to assist in packing. Usually libraries can reuse some old boxes, but if those are not available we can ship some boxes to your address. The assistance with packing material and packing of books is usually free but available only for customers that have ongoing arrangements with our company. Pallet size is 40X48 and usually requires about 500 books. One time pickups are available but will have to be setup on a case by case basis.
How do you sell our items?
We list your items online through companies like Amazon, eBay, Alibris etc. and other similar companies. Selling online gives millions of people around the world access to your inventory. We do provide an international option where books are sold not just in the US but to all the countries that these online services reach.
What happens to items that you are unable sell?
BookSprint has multiple arrangements with organizations, so nothing is thrown away. Some of the material is donated to organizations like Goodwill, United Way, American Red Cross etc. Other material is provided to recycling centers to turn it to paper pulp.
How do you price our items?
We go through each of your items and manually set the initial price. The prices adjusted periodically to keep it marketable. The factors involved in pricing your items might include the ranking of your items in the marketplace, their availability, their condition, and how many other sellers are selling the same item.
How long will my item will be listed and what happens if it doesn’t sell?
Your items will be listed online indefinitely. It is only limited by its marketability. The prices for most of the items usually fluctuate and part of our service to you is to adjust the prices of your inventory to maintain its marketability. Once the item’s price drops to a level that will no longer provide a sizeable return we might opt to remove it from the list and sell it in bulk or donate it.
How do we get paid and how often?
You get a check each month or quarterly for your share of the proceeds, which is reflected on your online account statement.